Purchasing a Business? We have the loan for you.

Our franchise loans can be completely unsecured.

Generally we require some deposit to be paid by the purchaser but depending on the business you are purchasing and its cash flows we may be able to provide the funding that you require to complete your purchase.

If assets tangible assets are part of the purchase that you are making we may be able to provide a ‘partially secured’ business loan to make more funds available.

Talk to Ignite Business Finance to complete your business purchase.


Our Loan Calculator is provided as an indicator of affordability only. It is not an exact calculation of what your finance will cost. Please contact us to determine your specific needs and we will provide an accurate quote for your finance requirements.


$5,000 $500,000
1 year5 years
Total repayment:

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My business has been in operation for more than 6 months
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Unfortunately, Prime Finance can't provide funding for startups.

Feel free to contact us once your business has been in operation for more than 6 months.


What supporting documents are required?

What You Will Need

For Unsecured Loans:

  • 3 months company bank statements which can be uploaded at this site. For larger unsecured loans a longer history may be required.
  • Recent financial accounts (for larger unsecured loans year end accounts may be required.

For secured loans you will also need

  • information of valuation of any security you wish to use

Can I fund my start up?

You cannot use a unsecured business loan to fund a start up business. Generally you will need at least 6 months trading for this.

To fund start ups you will need to use a secured loan which will require some form of collateral such as property, plant or vehicles.

If there is no collateral you will need to consider getting somebody to support you with a guarantor loan.

How long does it take?

If all information is provided a smaller unsecured business loan can be paid out within 24 hours. For larger unsecured loans give the process 48 hours after all information is received

A secured business loan will usually take 48 hours as it requires specific documentation.

Call us on 0800 646 453 if you have any further questions

Purchase Order Finance

Are you receiving large orders you would like to fund? Enquire about Purchase Order Finance.