Single Invoice Finance

If you have single invoices that you would like that you can’t wait to be paid for send them to us for immediate payment now. You do not need to commit to an ongoing finance facility, just send the invoice to us for payment today. Use the facility as and when you need to with no ongoing obligation to you.

Any existing funding facilities and securities you have can remain in place. As we are are purchasing an individual invoice not providing an ongoing loan we are happy to ‘sit behind’ and bank GSA’s or other security given over your business.

As our security is the invoice, not your company, an in depth credit review is not required, we will be happy to lend to start up businesses and you do not need to own any property or other assets.

Submit an invoice here and we will contact you promptly to get it funded.


  • Are you a business selling to other businesses?
  • Do you produce invoices for completed goods/services?
  • Do you have foretasted turnover in excess of 100K?
  • Are your invoices due within 90 days of invoice date?



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Unfortunately, Prime Finance can't provide funding for startups.

Feel free to contact us once your business has been in operation for more than 6 months.


How long do I need to have traded to qualify for invoice finance?

In most cases we will be happy to fund start ups using invoice finance. Our security is in the debtor that we are funding so trading history as not as important as for other products.

Do I qualify for invoice finance?

If you are dealing with other businesses on credit terms and invoicing for completed work or services you will likely qualify for invoice finance

Do my debtors need to know?

In most cases your debtors will need to be made aware of the invoice finance relationship. This is not generally a bad thing as most companies are already dealing with invoice finance companies as it gains in popularity.

Some Clients may, however, qualify for our undisclosed invoice finance product. This product is entirely undisclosed to your customers.

With undisclosed invoice finance we connect to your accounting system and load the total balances you create on a weekly basis. You are allocated a new anonymous bank account for your customers to pay into.

To qualify for invoice finance you need to be profitable with a good spread of debtors.

Call us on 0800 646 453 if you have any further questions

Purchase Order Finance

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